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During the past three years, I have been working in 3D with sculpture, collage, and assemblage. Now I am marrying several media into the 2D photographic work seen here.
This work is what I am currently engaged in. 
Reason, Imagination, Memory: Sculpture/Assemblage/Collage, March 2022.
Ain't No Dunce. Sculpture/Collage, March 2022.
La Chingona, Collage, March 2022
Nested Wretches or I Love My Parades, Assemblage/Collage, April 2022
Sculpture/Collage, Scene III: The Circus, Thea is Shocked by Vincent's Very Bad Behavior, March 2022
Cloud of Lies, Sculpture/Collage,March 2022
Surprise, Surprise, Sculpture/Collage, February/March 2022
Collage. Forebears April 2022
Collage, Unorthodox Cloisters 1, April 2022
Collage, Unorthodox Cloisters 2, April 2022
Collage. Our Staircase. April 2022
Sculpture/Collage, Earth Day, April 2022
Collage. When the Swallows Come Back. May 2022
Collage. Dreading the Incubus of Restraints. May 2022
Collage. Moon Magic, May 2022
Collage. Be Mine?, May 2022
Collage. Return of the Congregation, Joliet. May 2022
Collage. L'Arrière Grand-Mère Infamous Photobomb, May 2022
Collage. Mitch Visits the Hood (and Brings his Couch). May 2022
Collage. Come One, Come All. May 2022
Collage. Our Grand Tour. May 2022
Collage. Milonga. June 2022
Collage. Fresh and Folded. June 2022
Collage. Concerto for Papa. June 2022
Collage, Saving Daddy Dream, June 2022
Collage. Negligible Care. June 2022
Collage. Moira's 12th Birthday 03.09.1898. June 2022
Collage. Stolen Museum Bust, Lima. June 2022
Collage. A Parallel Time. June 2022.
Collage. Deliberate Flight. June 2022
Collage. The Illusionist. July 2022
Collage and Tunnel Book. Vlad and Fat Don's. July 2022
Collage. Dancer and the Devil. August 2022
Collage. Great Great Grandmama's Summer Home,1889.July 2022
Collage. Unholy Judgements. August 2022
Collage. A Much Anticipated Bath. August 2022
Collage. Just Try. August 2022
Collage. Preliminary Hurdles. August 2022
Collage. A Devil's Machinations. August 2022
Collage. Sunday à la plage with Jacques. August 2022
Collage. Circus Boys in Lima. August 2022
Collage. Church of Screws. August 2022
Collage. Beauty on the Beach. August 2022
Collage. Doughboy with Tintype: Come What May. August 2022
Collage. Respite from the Curious. August 2022
Collage. Francine in her Rocker. August 2022
Collage. A Bug's Dream. August 2022.
Collage. Good Twin, Bad Twin. August 2022
C0llage. Hommage a ManRay: Object to be Destroyed, Object Desecrated. September 2022
Collage/Assemblage. Hackneyed Labels or Did That Motherfucker Just Say Pussy? September 2022
Collage. My Great Love. September 2022
Assemblage/ Collage. Time to Go and Leave My Eggs Alone. September 2022
Collage. Join the Circus! September 2022
Collage. Moon Travels by Mr J. Callahan & the Very Industrious Ms Spider. September 2022
A Storm Brews in Bone Gap, 1978. September 2022.
Collage. Refusenik. September 2022
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