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During the past three years, I have been working in 3D with sculpture and assemblage. Now I am marrying these media into the 2D photographic collages seen here. I also use my own photographs and objects, as well as found imagery, in creating these pieces. I do NOT use AI. 
In referring to them as "huellas," or footprints, I recognize my personal steps from the blank canvas to a finished piece. I walk forward into my art, consciously and unconsciously, revealing the spirit of the moment. That moment changes, every day, responding to an awareness of what is around me, what is happening, how I feel. I do not consider audience, marketing, or censure; I respond to an inner call to gather things together and to create something. I measure a piece with the eye of my inner critic (who can be harsh), but it is not allowed to prevent or obstruct my work. A friend saw a thread of quirkiness winding through the fabric of my work. Insightful and I agree. 
Sculpture/Assemblage/Collage. Reason, Imagination, Memory. March 2022
Sculpture/Collage. Ain't No Dunce. March 2022
Collage. La Chingona. March 2022
Assemblage/Collage. Nested Wretches or I Love My Parades. April 2022
Sculpture/Collage..Scene III: The Circus, Thea is Shocked by Vincent's Very Bad Behavior. March 2022
Sculpture/Collage. Cloud of Lies. March 2022
Sculpture/Collage. Surprise, Surprise. February/March 2022
Collage. Forebears. April 2022
Collage. Unorthodox Cloisters 1. April 2022
Collage. Unorthodox Cloisters 2. April 2022
Collage. Our Staircase. April 2022
Collage. Dreading the Incubus of Restraints. May 2022
Collage. Moon Magic. May 2022
Collage. Be Mine?. May 2022
Collage. Return of the Congregation, Joliet. May 2022
Collage. L'Arrire Grand-Mre Infamous Photobomb, May 2022
Collage. Mitch Visits the Hood (and Brings his Couch). May 2022
Collage. Come One, Come All. May 2022
Collage. Our Grand Tour. May 2022
Collage. Milonga. June 2022
Collage. Fresh and Folded. June 2022
Collage. Concerto for Papa. June 2022
Collage, Saving Daddy Dream. June 2022
Collage. Negligible Care. June 2022
Collage. Moira's 12th Birthday 03.09.1898. June 2022
Collage. Stolen Museum Bust, Lima. June 2022
Collage. A Parallel Time. June 2022.
Collage. Deliberate Flight. June 2022
Collage. The Illusionist. July 2022
Collage and Tunnel Book. Vlad and Fat Don's. July 2022
Collage. Great Great Grandmama's Summer Home,1889.July 2022
Collage. Unholy Judgements. August 2022
Collage. A Much Anticipated Bath. August 2022
Collage. Just Try. August 2022
Collage. Preliminary Hurdles. August 2022
Collage. A Devil's Machinations. August 2022
Collage. Sunday la plage with Jacques. August 2022
Collage. Circus Boys in Lima. August 2022
Collage. Church of Screws. August 2022
Collage. Beauty on the Beach. August 2022
Collage. Doughboy with Tintype: Come What May. August 2022
Collage. Respite from the Curious. August 2022
Collage. Francine in her Rocker. August 2022
Collage. A Bug's Dream. August 2022.
Collage. Good Twin, Bad Twin. August 2022
Collage. Hommage a ManRay: Object to be Destroyed, Object Desecrated. September 2022
Assemblage/ Collage. Time to Go and Leave My Eggs Alone. September 2022
Collage. Join the Circus! September 2022
Collage. Moon Travels by Mr J. Callahan & the Very Industrious Ms Spider. September 2022
Collage. Refusenik. September 2022
Collage. A Strange Curation. September 2022
Collage. Beach Days and the Swimsuit Police. September 2022
Collage. The Shrine of Jingojunk. September 2022
Collage. Mercedes and the Little House, 1910. October 2022
Collage. No to the Nap. October, 2022
Collage. Pray For America, October 2022
Collage. Heathen Glen. October 2022.
Collage. Abandoned Amusements. October 2022
Collage. Death in Las Canteras. Arequipa, Peru. November 2022
Collage. Confluence of Crosses. Chucuito, Callao, Peru. November 2022.
Collage. El Amor y El Fronton. Callao, Peru. November 2022
Collage. La Tapada en Barranco. November 2022
Collage. Suffragettes, 1911, El Olivar, Lima. November 2022
Collage. Rock Abyss, Arequipa, Peru. December 2022
Collage. Dancing With Ancestors, Sabandia. December 2022.
Collage. Una Burguesa de Barranco, Lima, 1922. December 2022
Collage. Serendipitous Devotions, Callao. December 2022
Collage. Dry as Dust, Las Canteras, Arequipa. December 2022
Collage. Contigo Callao. December 2022
Collage. Barefoot Padre with Fascinator. December 2022
Collage. The Recurrent Goodbye. December 2022
Collage. Man in a Madhouse. Lima, December, 2022
Collage. The Symmetry of Sisters, Barranco, Lima. December 2022
Collage. Verde Que Te Quiero Verde. Barranco, Lima, December 2022
Collage. Don't Wait For Me. January 2023
Trastevere, Mi Amore. December 2022
Collage. Ain't Weather Grand? Glad to be Back. January 2023
Collage. Chimera. January 2023
Collage. Fierce Bloodlines. January 2023
Collage. Frigid Antipathy. January 2023
Collage. Lady Clementina Sends Agnes to her Dream Spa. January 2023
Collage. Hiatus at the Ivanhoe Station. January 2023
Collage. You Will Do, New Orleans 1899. Januany 2023.
Collage. I am here. January 2023
Collage. To a Manor House Born. January 2023
Collage. Forever Friends. January 2023
Collage. Denta-Pearl Tooth Retablo, Ayacucho. January 2023
Collage. Nymphs By Night. January 2023.
Collage. The Convent of Saint Thérèse. January 2023
Collage. Blue and my Torn Sheet. January 2023
Collage. The Fallen Turista. January 2023
Collage. American Way. March 2023
Collage. Mango and the Musician by Miss Nikodem. March 2023
Collage. The New Jersey Tomato Toss. March 2023
Collage. Chicken Coop de Ville. March 2023
Collage. Apparition. March 2023
Collage. Brooklyn Boardwalk. March 2023
Collage. Mrs. Gatch's Waiting Room Surprise. March 2023
Collage. Scarred Knife Thrower. March 2023
Collage. Max and Marin Head Home. March 2023
Collage. Madame Claudine's Bath, 1922. March 2023
Collage. Sunset for Giselle, a garden in Tuscany, 1926. March 2023
Collage. A Nasty Timpiste on Main. March 2023
Collage. TaishoQueen Evelyn. March 2023
Collage. Dead Photo Studio. April 2023
Collage. The Devil's Aloha. April 2023
Collage. My Naiad of Letters. April 2023
Collage. Sisters of the Congregation, Hawi. April 2023
Collage. Miss Inner Tubette Banner Lady. April 2023
Collage. When We Are Gone. May 2023
Collage. Lady Eugénie's First Communion. May 2023
Collage, Ida & Vera, Bronx Zoo, 1910. May 2023
Collage. Hand-colored Glass Negative Print. Texas, 1905. May 2023
Collage. Between the Lines. May 2023
Collage. Our Lady of Perpetual Snow. May 2023
Collage.Troubling Visitors. May 2023
Collage. Greetings From The Hicks'. May 2023
Collage. The Frick Maids' Day Off. May 2023
Collage. Swamp. June 2023
Collage. Presbitero Maestro. June 2023
Collage. Dreaming of Ducks. June 2023
Collage. Resting Archosaurs. June 2023
Collage. Woman in Rattan Chair, Arles. June 2023
Collage. Turisti Francesi aTrastevere. June 2023
Collage. An Illustrious Visitor to Pachacamac. June 2023
Collage. Stand of Cypress and Death. June 2023
Collage. The Source. June 2023
Collage. Monsieur in the Madhouse. July 2023
Collage. Jacob and Mildred on Straight Wharf, 1885. July 2023
Collage. Billy Plays Dress-Up, 1920. July 2023
Collage. Vaudeville 1906. July 2023
Collage. Big Island Filly. July 2023
Collage. El Maestro. July 2023
Collage. Whatever It Takes, Joliet IL. July 2023
Collage. Beverly Shores with Cooper. July 2023
Collage. Come On In. July 2023
Collage. Esme's Long Wait. July 2023
Collage. Cowboy Enshrined. July 2023
Collage. Photo Fun, Gary IN. August 2023
Collage. Circus Shades. August 2023
Collage. Torch Lake, 1919. August 2023
Collage. Hebe and Americus, August 2023
Collage. Museum Collection #2743, Last Growth on Earth. August 2023
Collage. Gypsy Belle and her Ball. August 2023
Collage. Los Obreros Olvidados, Las Canteras. August 2023
My Dream: The Angry Angel of Piuray. August 2023
Collage. Agnes Gets the Heebie-Jeebies. August 2023
Collage. The Big Sell. August 2023.
Collage. Bad Dream, La Miss. August 2023
Collage. A Reminder of My Mortality. August 2023
Collage. La Santa and Her Spectre. September 2023
Collage. Keeper of the Book, Ward 342. September 2023
Collage. Mango and Blue Ponder Mr Nadar's Quirkiness. September 2023
Collage. Palmer's Brownie Antics. September 2023
Collage. Her Fanciful Murmuration. September 2023
Collage. No Cake Walk. September 2023
Collage. Rehearsal. September 2023
Collage. The Unwelcome. September 2023
Collage. The Music Room. Luna Bays When Bartek Plays. September 2023
Collage. Bless Me Father. September 2023