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Curious Instants 084

Curious Instants 084 is about remembering places I have really been in imaginary, and sometimes very pleasant, company. I use Polaroid® Type 084 instant film for these photomontages.

Betty at the Forum
Hound at Tiahuanaco
Brad in Trastevere
Buddy in Elk Rapids
Eleanor at Casa Ricketts
Elvis in Ollanta
Kermie in Acapulco
Lucy in Lido
Marilyn in Beecher
Mermaid at Paradise
Yard Gnome in Chinchero
Ron in Sicily
Serendipity at the Parthenon
Sam in Red Square
Sock Monkey near Pitusiray
Marlon in Istanbul
Amelie at M'ville
Louise on Mykonos
Fidel in Santiago
Sophia in Hollywood
Garfield at the Conservatory
Wolf on Rhodos
Groucho on Nantucket
Kim on Captiva
Zorro in DC
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